Case Studies
See How Our Luminaires May Shine in Your Environment

What do a $2 trillion asset manager and a San Francisco public high school have in common? Besides awesome softball teams and Taco Tuesdays in the cafeteria, they’ve both relied on Peerless for effective, energy-efficient lighting tailored to meet their unique needs.

For more than a century Peerless has been committed to lighting the places where people work, study and congregate. If our many decades of experience have taught us anything, it’s that every lighting job is unique. From budgets to color schemes, from ceiling height to window size, every project is as distinct and special as a fresh snowflake.

Yet, with each new challenge is an opportunity to problem-solve, collaborate and create impressive, functional spaces. But why take our word for it? For additional insight into the caliber of lighting solutions Peerless can provide to you for your unique environment, please review our Case Studies to the left.

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