Reintroducing Softshine

During the '80s Peerless Lighting trademarked Softshine, a breakthrough in optical technology engineered by one of the lighting world's rock stars, Peter Ngai. Well, since Mom jeans, Ray-Ban® Wayfarers® and shoulder pads have made a comeback, we decided to reintroduce an updated Softshine.

Softshine is a high performance, eyeball friendly optic. An advanced diffusion film delivers high uniformity across the lens, achieved through a combination of low clarity, high transmission and high haze.

With Bruno and Lightedge Rectangular, Softshine allows a comfortable 25-30 percent (nominal) downlight by optically managing the distribution. And for those eyeballs that are all about aesthetics, voilá, an indirect/direct distribution without a louver. Nothing against louvers, but we are in the 21st Century.

Tulip and Lightline Direct with Softshine provides glare control with a uniformly luminous feature that’s easy on the eyes, in more ways than one. Softshine satiates the eyeball's appetite for brightness while providing a comfortable visual environment.

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