Peerless Lighting, IceTray Curved I/D

Energy Savings. User Comfort. Flexible Operation. Code Compliance.

We've Got It All Under Control...For You.

When you opt for high-quality Peerless luminaires, you need not look elsewhere for equally high-quality controls. That's because we partner with leading Acuity Brands control companies Sensor Switch® and Lighting Control and Design® to bring you integrated, state-of-the-art control solutions to meet every application, every performance requirement, every budget and, of course, every Peerless product.

Need to manage entire buildings or campuses? Or do you just need to control dimming, daylighting, switching and/or occupancy sensing in a single space or for an individual luminaire? Whatever your needs may be, Peerless is here to help you select, specify and synthesize just the right solution.

For more information about choosing controls perfect for your lighting needs and new Peerless luminaires, email or call 510.845.2760.

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Energy & Cost Savings

User Comfort

Simple to Specify

Easy Installation

Controls help maximize operational and energy efficiency of a building's lighting system

Flexible controls help provide visual comfort and increase productivity

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions help streamline the specification process

Plug & play controls packages and options make installatiion stress-free