IceTray Angular I/D

IAM8 | Indirect-Direct | Aluminum | 10” x 3” | (1,2,3,4) T5, T5HO, (2,3,4) T8

IceTray Angular I/D Lighting for People

IceTray I/D luminaires offer high-performance illumination in a wide range of light distribution options ranging from 80/20 to 5/95.

A whimsical nod to school-days nostalgia, these updated baffle luminaires come in a variety of forms–angular, rectangular and curved – to distinguish surroundings and add crisply defined lines to industrial-looking spaces.

Offering comforting illumination at an affordable cost, IceTray I/D earns gold stars in both performance and price.

  • 4ft & 8ft Sections
  • Satin Anodized, White or Custom Finish
  • Corners & Tenons
  • Variable Distribution Option
  • Efficiency: 46-92%