Cerra Wall Indirect

CRW1 | Indirect | Steel | 7 1/2" x 3" | (1, 2) T5HO, T5, (1) T8

Cerra Wall Indirect Lighting for People

Complementing our suspended version, Cerra Wall Indirect is easy on the eyes and the budget. A legendary price leader, it emits a soft, even light from a classic, neutral shape.

Cerra Wall Indirect delivers advanced optics from its crescent-shaped channel. The result is elegant illumination without the unsightly socket shadows cast by competing wall fixtures.

Shouldn’t lighting for people be just as diverse as people are? Cerra Wall Indirect answers with a definitive, “yes.”

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Textured White or Custom Finish
  • Mitered Corners & Tenons
  • Downlight: 0%
  • Efficiency: 49-75%