Cerra 7 Squares

Suspended 7CRM2 and Wall CRW2 | Indirect | Steel | T5HO, T5

Cerra 7 Squares Lighting for People
Meet the Cerra 7 family. As diverse as it is economical, Cerra 7 is affordable, high-performance illumination conveyed in a kaleidoscope of styles. Cerra 7s pure crescent forms are available in either LED or fluorescent and with a multitude of distribution, mounting and configuration options. No matter the lighting design you imagine, Cerra 7 lets you express it tastefully and within budget.

Available in suspended and wall forms, Cerra 7 Squares look like nothing else on the market.

The crescent-shaped form is die-punched with contemporary square windows for an appearance as compelling as the light it casts. It's profile is petite while its performance is anything but.

Engineered to meet office lighting standards, this luminaire is a smart choice for work or retail spaces of all sizes. Open up your lighting design options with Cerra Squares.

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Textured White or Custom Finish
  • Corners & Tenons
  • Downlight: 1% Suspended/ 2-3% Wall
  • Efficiency: 49-84%

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