Lightedge Curved Shallow

EGSCM1 | Indirect | Aluminum | 8” x 1-1/2” | (2) T5, T5HO, T8

Lightedge Curved Shallow Lighting for People
Sophisticated. Stylish. Semi-circular. Sleek. Lightedge Curved features elegantly proportioned curvilinear forms, light-reflecting twin-edges and a wide variety of configuration and distribution options that make these Lightfair-winning luminaires a true triumph of design, engineering and flexibility.

For those who prefer shallower arcs, there is Lightedge Curved Shallow Indirect.

The telltale Lightedge double-edged channel is apparent, displaying intriguing dark reveals with light- reflecting edges. A soft, even distribution of light washes over the ceiling and into the space beneath.

For contemporary offices, stately buildings or any high-end interior, this luminaire presents a mark of sophistication.

  • 4ft & 8ft Sections
  • Satin Anodized or Custom Finish
  • Sweep or Mitered Corners
  • Downlight: 0%
  • Efficiency: 76-84%

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