Bruno Louver I/D or Direct

BRM4 | Indirect-Direct | Steel | 8" x 2" | (1, 2, 3) T5HO, T5, T8

Bruno Louver I/D or Direct Lighting for People

Bruno Louver I/D is the perfect combination of ambient interior illumination and minimalist design. A streamlined new take on a rectilinear stalwart, this luminaire makes a statement that will resonate with modernist sensibilities.

Interior spaces that demand energy-efficiency, as well as glare-free optics, will appreciate the performance of Bruno Louver I/D. Dazzle admirers of restrained minimalism with this pure, unadulterated form.

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Parabolic Louver
  • White, Aluminum or Custom Finish
  • L, T, X and Straight Connectors
  • Variable Dsitribution Options
  • Efficiency: 52-89%