Cerra 10 Partial Perforation

10CRM7 | Indirect | Steel | 10" x 3" | (2, 3, 4) T8

Cerra 10 Partial Perforation Lighting for People

A curved wing partially pierced with perforated elegance. That’s the airy look and feel of Cerra 10 Partial Perforation.

Provide a superb, even light from a triumphant crescent of perforated flair. Our Partial Perforation model affords you multiple T8 lamping options to load your lighting design imagination with possibilities.

Reading rooms, office spaces, retail settings and more all shine under the soft light and perforated chic that is Cerra 10 Partial Perforation.

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Partially Perforated
  • Textured White or Custom Finish
  • Corners & Tenons
  • Downlight: 4-6%
  • Efficiency: 80-86%