Cerra 7 Indirect

7CRM1 | Indirect | Steel | 7" x 2" | (1, 2, 3) T5HO, T5

Cerra 7 Indirect Lighting for People

Cerra 7 Indirect is easy on the eyes and the budget. A legendary price leader, it emits a soft, even light from a classic, neutral shape.

Perfect for lighting large interior spaces that require rows of luminaires, Cerra 7 Indirect delivers advanced optics from its crescent-shaped channel. The end result is elegant illumination that reduces both eye and financial strain.

Shouldn’t lighting for people be just as diverse as people are? Cerra 7 Indirect answers with a definitive, “Yes.”

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Textured White or Custom Finish
  • Corners & Tenons
  • Downlight: 0%
  • Efficiency: 79-82%