Envision I/D

ENM4 | Indirect-Direct | Aluminum | 8" x 3" | (1, 2) T5HO, T5, (1, 2, 3) T8

Envision I/D Lighting for People

Envision I/D offers the greatest amount of downlight in the Envision family.

A louvered underside emits 15-36% downlight depending on lamping for optimal workplane illumination, while the majority indirect component washes the ceiling above with smooth, even light.

Perfect for office settings, airports, retail stores or learning environments, this luminaire is as versatile as it is affordable. Add superior downlight performance to your lighting designs with Envision I/D.

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Parabolic Louver
  • Satin Anodized, White or Custom Finish
  • Corners
  • Downlight: 15-38%
  • Efficiency: 85-91%