Enzo Indirect Partial Perforation

EZM2 | Indirect | Steel | 6” x 2” | (1,2) T5, T5HO

Enzo Indirect Partial Perforation Lighting for People
Enzo® Indirect Partial Peroration – with its perforated rectangles running along the length of the housing – offers up another design choice in the easy-on-the-pocketbook Enzo line. A remarkably efficient T5 performer capable of being spaced up to 12 feet on center, Enzo Indirect Partial Perforation produces an exceptionally smooth distribution of virtually glare-free illumination. Take advantage of Enzo’s breakthrough economics and add a hint of downlight with the stylish design of Enzo Partial Perforation.
  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Textured White or Custom Finish
  • Downlight: 1%
  • Efficiency: 86%