Lightline Wall Wash Direct

LLMW | Direct | Aluminum | 3-5/8” x 4-1/16” | (1) T5, T5HO

Lightline Wall Wash Direct Lighting for People

A standout performer, Lightline Wall Wash Direct provides beautiful, high-impact illumination on artwork, wall displays and merchandise.

Mountable at just 24” from the wall, Lightline Direct Wall Wash’s illumination begins at the ceiling line unlike other similar luminaires that leave an incongruous dark gap of 2-3” between ceiling and fixture. Superior lateral light distribution reduces scalloping between fixtures.

  • 4ft, 8ft & 12ft Sections
  • Wall Wash
  • Satin Anodized or Custom Finish
  • Corners, Ts & Xs
  • Downlight: 100%
  • Efficiency: 62%