Open LED Suspended Wall Wash

OPM4W | LED | Indirect Direct Wall Wash | Suspended

Open LED Suspended Wall Wash Lighting for People

Achieving runs of continuous linear lighting has been an unanswered challenge until now. The OPEN family of lens-free luminaires uses innovative Seam Eraser technology to erase internal luminaire connections, resulting in continuous illumination for a true, unbroken line of light aesthetic.

The Open suspended wall wash fixture is available in four distributions with optional dual circuit switching for independent dimming of indirect and direct light outputs. For greater savings and operational efficiency, Open is available with integrated daylight and/or occupancy sensors and can be networked with Acuity Controls nLight®.

  • 4', 6' and 8' sections
  • White, Black or Painted Aluminum
  • Up to 104 LM/W
  • Flicker-free dimming to dark with eldoLED® driver
  • Options up to 7000 Lumens
  • 3000K, 3500K or 4000K CCT
  • Choice of 80 or 90+ CRI option
  • Healthcare facility cover option