STM9 | Direct or Indirect-Direct | Aluminum | 10" x 3.38" | (1, 2) T5HO, T5, T8, LED

Station Lighting for People

Welcome Aboard.

Station - available in LED or fluorescent - is a sleek, stylish, versatile and easy-to-maintain luminaire ideal for expansive public spaces. Incredibly durable and proudly wearing the IP65 rating, Station withstands the grueling rigors of dust and water.

While transit station platforms, hotel overhangs, and airport canopies are the most likely applications for Station’s suspended linear form, true innovators will find many more uses ranging from retail centers and convention halls to parking structures and manufacturing facilities.

  • 4ft & 8ft Sections
  • IP65 Rated Indoor/Outdoor
  • LED: Direct Only
  • Painted Silver Finish
  • Downlight: 77-100%
  • Efficiency: 57-69%